2012 Soap Guild Conference

I cannot tell you how excited I was about attending to this years Soap Guild Conference. It was my very first time!. I had a mixture of emotions, including some anxitey because I wanted to see what I would learn from the conference and the excitement of meeting so many talented soap makers.  This year the conference was held in Portland, Oregon. A beautiful city, oriented towards a “Go Green” type of lifestyle. The hotel was the Red Lion, Jatzen Beach, at the River, and  the view of the river was definitely gorgeous!
On the first day after the registration, I was surprised with this bag full of goodies!!. It was like Christmas morning on May.
The organization and the food was GREAT!. It was so nice to finally put a face with all those soaps that I admire.
 These are some of the soaps that were displayed. Beautiful :D
I had such a great time hanging out with each of them. I felt like I had known them already and we were just catching up!  It never ceases to amaze me how strong a relationship you can build over the net. I am so fortunate to be around these wonderful ladies!!
Here I am with Donna of Zoe Life Soapworks and NaYeon of CastlelakeStudio. I was so fortunate to receive a soap from each of them. I used Donna’s soap at the conference (the hotel soap wasnt good and guess what? I did not pack any of mine lol) and I am in love with her coconut milk soap. It   moisturized with a creamy lather. NaYeon gave me one of her cutest creations, her halloween cupcake!!. This soap it is too cute to be used. I am displaying it in my soap room XD.
In this opportunity,  I am with Doona  and Holly of Lotion Bar Cafe.  If you have not seen Holly’s beautiful soaps yet? Hop over to her page, and show her some love! XP
Giving a BIG hug to Crystal of Head 2 Toe! It was so nice meeting you.  Visit her page to see her beautiful designs.
These are some other soap bars I was fortunate enough to try while I was on vacation. The crafter behind these soaps is the Aaron family of Prairie Soap Company. I would recommend this family business located in Kansas City. Not only their soaps are great but also Mrs Sheila and her sons are very genuine and welcoming people!
Some suppliers were also at the conference offering great discounts in their products. One of my favorites, Bramble Berry with Anne Marie!. Funny story: I was with my hubby and the girls when I actually got the chance to see AM for the very first time. I did not know what to say to her or to any of the BB team. I just tightly grabbed my hubby’s hand and said “I feel like I am meeting a celebrity”. He said who is she?. I turned my face and looked at him and said, she is the Soap Queen, Anne Marie!!. It was so funny!. I also bought some goodies from  Wholesale Supplies Plus, and Mold market. I wish I could have meet Debbie of SoapyLove and my bella Maria of Kokolele at the conference. I admire their creativity, their soaps are just so beautiful!
 Me with Anne Marie  Me with the talented Kat
 I found many of the presentations really helpful. There were three presentations that I liked the most from all the presentations I attended that were not Soap Cold Process related.  One was the Art of Bleeding with Essential Oils by Jade Shutes. She taught us different approaches of blending, which I found pretty interesting. The other one was Promoting your products as Handmade in the USA by Joel D. Joseph. I will provide more information about this presentation in my next blog post. I think it is really important to start promoting our products as Handmade in the USA. I was not doing that… one of the many things I knew I needed to change was this. Mr Joel also provided some guidance about trademarking and copyrighting our products. If you have had someone using your photos without your permission you know that this is something really important for your business. The last one but not least, the Influence Factor in Social Media by Ann Evanston. What a great speaker she is!!. You can read more abut her work at Warrior- preneur. One of the many things she mentioned that stuck with me was “Do not be afraid to be who you are”!!!
 NaYeon, Me and Ann Evaston!
 I cannot wait to see and meet new soap makers at the 2013 Soap Conference in North Caroline!!
Happy Soaping!



4 Comments on "2012 Soap Guild Conference"

  1. Anne-Marie on Thu, 31st May 2012 2:52 am 

    It was AWESOME to meet you. I loved how sweet you were and how enthusiastic you were about all things soap! =)

  2. SoapMuchLove,LLC on Thu, 31st May 2012 3:04 am 


    You are also a very sweet, enthusiastic and humbled person, who runs such a successful company. I admire you and I am proud of what you have accomplished so far!

  3. Linda on Thu, 14th Jun 2012 1:58 pm 

    I was so sad not to be able to attend this conference. I could not attend last year either. I have never been to one, and I am dying to go! I am envious of the people you got to meet. I speak to some of them by email all the time and I feel like I know them, yet I’ve never met them! It’s so funny how we feel like we are good friends with people we’ve never met, because we share a common interest.

    Anyway, you did a nice job of recapping the conference, Ada. I want to go to next year’s conference since it’s closer and more affordable for me because I can drive down there to North Carolina. Unfortunately we have a huge work event scheduled for that same weekend, so I am going to have a difficult time getting away from work. Of all the terrible luck!

    Are you planning to go again? I would love to meet you and some of the other girls :-)


  4. SoapMuchLove,LLC on Thu, 14th Jun 2012 6:09 pm 


    I am planning on going!! I hope you can make it this time, it would be so nice to finally meet you… I felt so comfortable around the other girls, like if I have known the for years!!!

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