Frosting Technique

January 11, 2012 by

Many of you have asked me about the “edible looking frosting” I have on my cupcake soaps and in my signature Frosted Rainbow Cake soap. The recipe I use and I am in love with is from my Soapy friend and inspiration artist Debbie from Soapylove. Her recipe is super simple,  which is 4 oz of melted soap base + 2 Tablespoons of liquid soap. Add colorant and fragrance as desired. Then, whipped with a hand mixer.Recently, I have read on my FB page  about some of you having problems getting the “right” consistency before piping the cupcakes. When you are mixing the ingredients with the hand mixer, you can see how the mix changes consistency.It goes from liquid to more smooth and them it hardens a little bit. What I usually do, it check for the “peaks” like when you are making merengue and also I check the consistency with the spatula. If the mix kind of sticks together it is ready!  My hubby helped me record this mini video. I hope you can understand me with my accent and I also hope it will help you improve your frosting technique. For this demostration, I used just half of the recipe.

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 Soapmaking- Frosting Technique M&P

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!
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