Tutorial: Owl 3D soap

I was very humbled when I was asked to do a tutorial to share with one of the soapy groups I belong to. Amazing and talented soap makers that I admire and follow are part of this, so thank you Mary!


It was so much fun coming up with the design of this soap. I was planning on making a Brito design ( I am a Brito lover), but instead, I decided to make an owl design using a 3D mold. This is a new design that I made just for this tutorial. Owls are so popular now. Hope you all like it and have fun doing it.

What you will need: (Based on ONE soap bar)
3 oz Premium Clear Melt and Pour Base
5 oz Goat Milk Melt and Pour Base
Colorants I used: Orange Mica, Fire up Fuchsia,  Liquid green, Turmeric Powder, brown Oxide
Orange Peel Cybilla fragrance oil
Orange peel
3D mold
 Crafter’s choice guest square mold
Melt 0.5 oz of the premium clear base, and add a pinch of turmeric powder. Then pour the soap into the fist square. Repeat this step for each of the colors you want to use in your owl.
 pouring colors  pouring colors
Here comes the fun part!!. Cutting all the tiny pieces that will bring this cute owl to life.
 I chose yellow to be the owl body. I used an exacto knife to cut the shape of the body.
 Repeat this step for each of the parts: wings, feet, and beak
 For the eyes, I used a circle cutter.  
   Melt 0.5 oz of the premiun clear base and add the liquid green. Using a injector soap tool, make dots on the wings. You can do any design you would like. Clean any imperfection you have with the clean up tool.
 Usually when I make this type of design, I place each piece on the melted clear soap one by one until I complete the design. This time,  I decided to make the owl gluing each pieces by using melted clear soap base before embedding it into the soap.
 To complete the design, add the pupils and cut a tree branch. For the branch,  I melted  0.5 oz of the premium clear soap, and add the brown oxide.
 Melt 1.5 to 2oz of premium clear base, and add a pinch of liquid blue. Pour this soap into one of the two halve of the 3D mold. Then when a thin skin forms, embed the owls, feet and the tree branch. Spritz all the pieces with alcohol before embedding them.
Melt  about 1oz of the goat milk soap base and pour it on top. Don’t forget to spritz with alcohol. Once this layer has hardened, put together the 3D mold and tie them with the elastic bands.
Finally, melt the remaining 3oz of goat milk soap base. Add a pinch of the turmeric powder, the fragrance and some orange peel as a mild exfoliant.
I unmolded the soap the following day. It turned out pretty cute!!.


Hope you fan as fun as I did when making this soap!

Happy soaping




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